Knowing how to read your propane gauge is vital so that you never run out of propane.

Most tanks have a percentage gauge located under the cap, which makes this a simple process. If you know the size of your propane tank, you can easily calculate how many gallons of propane you have left. For example, if your home has a 500-gallon propane tank, and the gauge reads 60%, then you have about 300 gallons of propane remaining (500 x .60 = 300).

Your tank will be filled to a maximum of 80% (to allow for vapor expansion, which happens in warmer temperatures). Likewise, the percentage reading could be affected by the temperature when you check the gauge.

When to call for a delivery

Gas Works recommends calling to schedule a delivery when your propane gauge reads about 30% – 25%. This will ensure that you have an adequate supply until Gas Works can refill your tank. If you wait until your tank is at 5% or less, you risk running out of propane.

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