The last thing you want during the winter is to run out of propane. To avoid this unpleasant situation, follow the steps below.

Call before your tank is empty

Call to schedule a propane delivery when your tank gauge reads about 30% – 25%. This will ensure that you have an adequate supply until Gas Works can refill your tank. Most homes tend to use more propane during the winter months, so don’t wait until your supply gets any lower – if your tank hits 5% or less, you may run out of propane.

Keep your driveway shoveled

Our propane trucks will need to navigate your driveway to make a delivery – which is impossible if the way is blocked by snow and ice. Keeping your driveway shoveled (and sanded, if it is steep) will ensure that we can access your propane tank. Please also remember that our delivery trucks are wider than standard cars, so shoveling just a narrow path may not be adequate.

Clear a path to your tank

For the safety of our drivers, we ask that you shovel a path to your propane tank’s fill pipe. At the end of the path, your fill pipe should be accessible. Marking the pipe’s location will help us to find it.