Traditional fireplaces give off a cozy glow – but not much heat. In fact, more than half the heat produced by a traditional wood-burning fireplace goes right up the flue. Luckily, fireplace inserts allow you to utilize your fireplace as a more efficient source of heat.

A fireplace insert is a closed-combustion stove that is installed directly into the firebox of your existing fireplace. Although wood and wood pellet varieties are also available, gas inserts are the cleanest and most efficient option.

Gas fireplace inserts transfer the heat directly into the room, with a built-in blower circulating the heat throughout the zone. For direct-vent units, a flexible metal sleeve is installed in your chimney which allows the insert to both draw air from and vent to the air outside your home. Vent-free fireplace inserts are also available.

Why Choose a Gas Fireplace Insert?

  • Efficient – Inserts seal air gaps and greatly reduce heat loss, without sacrificing the ambience of a traditional fireplace.
  • Reliable – Fireplace inserts provide consistent warmth, even when the power goes out.
  • Convenient – Turn the unit off and on as needed throughout the day. Wall thermostats and remote control options make operation even easier.
  • Decorative – Customize the look of your insert to match your home’s style. A wide selection of insert surrounds, decorative fronts, doors, and louvers are available.

Manufacturers We Carry

  • Empire

Gas Works Propane can help you select the gas fireplace insert that’s right for your home and your family’s needs. Our staff will deliver and professionally install your insert into your existing fireplace. Visit our showroom today to learn more about your gas fireplace insert options.