Millions of Americans have chosen propane as their primary fuel source. That’s because the benefits of using propane show that it’s the smart choice. From heating to cooking, propane can efficiently accomplish any of the tasks your home demands.

Propane is Economical

With a growing supply sourced right here in the U.S., using propane is more affordable than both oil and electricity.

Propane is Safe

With stringent standards in place, the propane industry has a strong safety record. When properly used, propane is as safe or even safer than most other fuels.

Propane is Efficient

Because it heats up quickly and stays hot longer, propane is more efficient than electricity.

Propane is Environmentally Friendly

Propane is non-toxic, doesn’t spill, and produces very little emissions, propane is a cleaner, greener choice than other petroleum-based fuels.

Propane is Reliable

Power outage? No problem. When you choose propane, your home doesn’t need to rely on the electric grid.

Propane is Convenient

Propane is readily available throughout the country, and its portability makes it great for all your needs, from the backyard grill to camping trips.